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Paltaaninkatu 22
85800 Haapajärvi

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Courtyard of an Ostrobothnian Countryside Farm and Artifact Warehouse

The local museum is located along Ouluntie at Paltaaninkatu 22. The buildings on the museum grounds have been relocated from various parts of Haapajärvi. The oldest among them, a lean-to barn, dates back to 1755. The oldest artifacts on display date back to the pre-ceramic period.

Contact: +358 40 827 7256 / +358 20 734 9700.

Artifact Warehouse

For those exploring the local history of Haapajärvi, the Artifact Warehouse is a true treasure trove. It was moved to the museum grounds in 1978 but has been serving as a museum since 1963. The lower floor of the warehouse includes a prehistoric section, a section dedicated to hunters and trappers, a handicraft section, an agriculture section, a carpenter’s cottage, and a rural blacksmith’s workshop.

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